Here is a simple and generic guide to help with troubleshooting any difficulties you may have with your IMPULSE Wireless equipment.

IMPULSE Wireless customers always recieve free telephone and email support within business hours, so feel free to contact us on (02) 8705 3778 or with any questions.

Symptom Solution
When pressing PTT, nothing happens.
Or my Bluetooth RSM will not connect to the phone/tablet
Ensure the handset is switched on.
Ensure the Bluetooth RSM is switched on.
Ensure you are using the correctly paired RSM and handset.
Ensure you charge the RSM every time you charge the handset (ie. overnight).
Ensure the volume is loud enough (press and hold the RSM volume button).
Ensure the RSM is connected to the handset. The Bluetooth icon will have two triangles on either side when connected. The RSM will display a blue flashing LED when connected. When not connected it will display a flashing red LED.
Ensure the IMPULSE Wireless software is running, and displaying its round icon in the top notification bar.
Routines to try if there are still problems:
  • Turn the RSM off and back on again. If that fails;
  • Turn the handset off. Turn the handset on and while it boots up, hard reset the RSM (call us for this procedure). Wait until you see the IMPULSE Wireless logo, then turn the RSM on.
  • If you have access to the Bluetooth settings on the phone/tablet, ensure that “Stone Mountain BluSkye PTT” is paired. If it is not paired, contact us for support. If it is paired, tap it to initiate the connection.
When pressing PTT, I hear a low-pitched tone.
You may have no data connection. Ensure you are in a coverage area and can see “3G” or “4G” displayed in the top notification area, along with signal bars.
Check the Bluetooth mic is connected to the phone/tablet. The RSM will display a blue flashing LED when connected. When not connected it will display a flashing red LED. In this case follow the steps above under "my Bluetooth RSM will not connect to the phone/tablet"
Someone else may be transmitting. Try again shortly.
Check the IMPULSE Wireless screen for any other reasons.
My speech is always cut off
When pressing PTT, wait for the confirmation chirp before speaking (typically one second). Ensure you hold the PTT button until you have finished speaking.
The optimum microphone location is to the side of your mouth, about one inch (three cm) from your lips.
The Bluetooth RSM is not working
Charge the Bluetooth RSM.
See above, “when pressing PTT, nothing happens.”
I need other help
Contact your system administrator or IMPULSE Wireless.